Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Not So Small But Not Too Big Announcement

Ok, so yeah, for a semi-new blogger, I don't...well.....blog much. Well I plan to change all that starting next week, because next week is a very special one. What's so special about it? Well it's the release of the 3rd and final movie having to do with two warring factions of giant alien transforming robots, of course! So to celebrate, next week will be known as:

From Monday all the way through to Sunday we'll be looking at nothing but Dark of the Moon-related stuff. Monday through Friday will focus on a set of Display Case reviews covering 5 DotM toys. Saturday will finally see the second installment of "The Game Room" as we take a look at Dark of the Moon: The Game. Finally, we'll rap things up on Sunday with the first Movie Edition of Addict Overview as I share my thoughts on the film itself!

I'm really excited about doing this and hopefully it'll be the thing to get this blog back on track, so stay tuned...!

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