Friday, April 29, 2011

The Display Case: Max Factory Figma #060 Ritsu Tainaka

I love K-On! if that wasn't apparent in my review of the series. Let me be more specific; I ADORE K-On! I'm super-excited for the upcoming movie, I keep track of the release dates for the manga, I have a good majority of HTT's music, including OSTs and 5 versions of "Let's Go!", I plan to buy both the Blu-Ray and standard DVD releases that Bandai put out and I own 3 of the 5 main members in toy form. In this review we'll be looking at one of those toys. In fact, we'll be looking at my favorite member who also happens to be my favorite anime character. Heck, it's thanks to her that I got into drumming! So grab your drumsticks and get ready to kick that bass as we take a look at Max Factory Figma's rendition of Ritsu Tainaka....

In the series and manga, Ritsu is equal parts lazy and responsible. She could be scolding Sawako for interfering with band practice in one scene and sprawled out on the floor whining about how she's too hot to want to do anything in another. She's a prankster and tomboy, but also a good friend who knows when to get serious if the situation calls for it. Overall, she's just out to have a good time. She may not be the most popular member of Hokago Tea Time, but that hasn't kept companies from releasing just as much merch of her as every other character. Cause you know you can't have a band without a drummer...

Remember back during my Haruhi review where I was praising the ever-loving hell out of just about every aspect of the figure? Well get ready for a repeat because Ritsu is just as good if not better. Her overall look is fantastic. Her head sculpt is dead-on, just like Haruhi's was, as is the rest of her body. Unlike Haruhi, Ritsu is wearing a blazer over her button-up shirt. Now on any other toy this may hinder it's range of motion, but not here. The blazer sculpting is similar to that of a vest. The body of the blazer is it's own separate piece while the sleeves are actually sculpted onto the figure's arms to retain its range of motion. It also helps that the blazer itself is not closed, since Ritsu wears it open all the time. There's really nothing I can fault the figure on. The proportions are perfect as is the detailing. No complaints.

Ever since the beginning of the Figma line Max Factory's paintwork has kept improving. That says a lot considering it was already pretty good. As I said before when you have her in hand, Ritsu's skin almost seems like it has a faint glow to it. The paint is very well done with little to no paint slop. I honestly don't have much to say in this category other then it's borderline flawless.

Posability is a mainstay in the Figma line and it still stays constant here. Ritsu is just as posable as any other Figma. She retains all the standard articulation; Figma joints in the head, arms and legs. Because her blazer is open, this allows her to utilize the ab/chest joint, which is needed for any of her drumming poses. Max Factory definitely knows what articulation points are needed to bring out a figure's true potential.

Another Figma mainstay is the number of character-specific accessories that come with each figure. In this category Ritsu not only takes the cake, she takes the entire bakery. She comes with one of the biggest accessories in the Figma line; her yellow Yamaha Hipgig Collapsible Drumset! This thing is awesome and that's putting it bluntly. Assembly is easy and once it's all put together it really completes the package. Hell, it actually looks like it could be playable! The only problem I can find with it is that there's no Yamaha logo on the bass, but I'm an uberfan so it's pretty nitpicky. Besides that she also comes with a stool for her to sit on while playing and a pair of drumsticks to satisfy all her drumming needs. She also comes with some pretty quirky alternate parts. Besides the usual alternate hands and shoes, she comes with 3 faces total (The one she's wearing in-package included); Her signature peppy and cheerful face, a crafty grin with closed eyes and an annoyed or in-pain face. She also comes with an alternate hair piece to go with that last face. The piece has a small peg sticking out from up top. What's it for, you ask? Well it's for the two different head lumps you can put on her to make her look like Mio socked her one! These 3 pieces are hilarious-looking when you put them on Ritsu. The fact that they give you a choice of a single or double lump just tickles me in all the right ways. For everything she comes with, though, I kinda wish they gave her the blue gym bag that she carries in a majority of the episodes with a little slot to put the drumsticks in. Would have completed the figure, in my opinion, but it's nothing that's totally needed. Other then that she's loaded with everything she needs!

I honestly believe that this is the best rendition of Ritsu you can find right now. Better then any PVC or statue. She looks fantastic, you can mix and match her looks, her drumset is one of the best accessories Figma has ever done and if you have the other 4 members of HTT, then she'll make the group look totally complete. If you're a K-On! or a Ritsu fan, then you have absolutely no excuse. NO. EXCUSE. Ritsu can be found at most Japanese toy import sites for a pretty good price. She's definitely a worthy purchase.

Now enjoy the rest of these pictures!


  1. Nice pics! I'll most likely buy it when I get paid this coming month. Looking forward to that. I like your blog it’s fun and informative. I have a question do you torrent or buy the anime or both? I buy it and torrent it.

    If you could you comment on some of my anime/manga reviews:

  2. I do both. I usually tend to watch a series online first. If I like it I end up trying to buy it. I always try to support the anime industry by purchasing the dvds.